Saving money feels good.

Here's how it can feel even better...


As a TRELORA client you have already experienced, or soon will, how TRELORA will always look out for everyone who chooses to work with them.  TRELORA also promotes paying it forward.  It feels good to save money and it can feel even better if you chose to give a portion of your savings to the TRELORA Foundation. 

There are many ways of giving to the TRELORA Foundation.  If you are selling and would like your contribution to be wrapped into your closing paperwork just fill out the form below at least ten days before closing and we'll take care of it.  If you are buying or you'd rather write a check you can just bring it to closing.  You can also give here through our website with a credit card by clicking the DONATE button below.

Your contribution is tax deductible (We suggest you discuss it with your tax preparer) so you also get even more benefit for your kindness.  First, feel good with saving with TRELORA.  Next, feel good with making a contribution to a cause that promotes TRELORA’s value of leaving each person better than they found them. Then, finally, feel the benefits of added tax benefits. 

If you’d like help setting up your contribution with the TRELORA team please fill out this short form and we will help make it easy to give.  

We appreciate your consideration!

Your contribution will help create hope around housing in your area.  

Click the donate button to be transferred to our online giving page or fill out the form below to have us work with your TRELORA agent to complete your contribution.

TRELORA Client Form

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Check out both ways to give below.
Donation Amount Percentage
What can your savings save? If you would like to donate a percentage of your TRELORA Savings please click the amount below and we'll work with your Agent to get it set up. Example: If you save $10,000 and choose to give 5% then $500 would go to the TRELORA Foundation.
Donation Amount
OR instead of a percentage, you can pick a specific amount that you'd like to donate.
If you'd rather you can write in a specific amount to contribute.
Would you like your contribution rolled into your closing paperwork ? *if yes, it must be decided 2 days prior to closing
TRELORA Foundation staff will contact you to finalize your contribution. Thank you for your time and consideration. Your gift will make a difference.