The TRELORA Foundation was started in 2015 to help create hope around housing.  We know there are too many who stand on a scary cliff daily and just need a hand to step back and to help themselves.  We offer that hand through a variety of projects and we will continue to grow and adapt programs as we see the needs change in our community. 

Our Mission

MISSION STATEMENT:  Create hope around housing.

VISION STATEMENT: A team effort to love and serve others well.

The TRELORA Foundation strives to give help to those in need.  Often families or individuals find themselves in hard times and they just need a little kindness or hope to increase their well-being.  With your support, we work with these people to help give a hand where we can.  We believe in random acts of kindness and helping others, especially those who want to help themselves but may have just found themselves in a tough situation.  Just like TRELORA, we choose to leave each person we come in contact with better than we find them.  We live in curiosity and love, never judgement.  We hope to always love and serve others well.

Life is Slippery.  Here, take my hand.
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Our Story

The TRELORA Foundation was started from the minds and hearts of the TRELORA Founders.  They knew that through contributions from TRELORA, their clients, and our community, we would be able to give back and help so many who just need a little support. By creating programs that create hope and by partnering with other non-profits, who think and support like us, we feel as though we will be able to make a difference and help those who want to help themselves.

TRELORA helps their clients save thousands of dollars and by requesting that they give a little back to the TRELORA Foundation we can all help save others.  Please consider making a contribution to this worthy cause.  Also be a part of deciding who your savings can save by nominating a friend or family member for one of our projects and by helping us spread the news about the programs we have available.


We want to hear from you.  Please let us know if you would like to volunteer or if you have any ideas for improving our current projects or ideas for our next project.  Check back often as projects will be added regularly.